The word swamp has a negative connotation to many people who have not had the good fortune to witness first hand the subtle beauty to be found there. Not everyone will have the chance to paddle under a full moon among centuries old cypress trees or witness the grace of an egret’s spring time mating display. It is my goal to bring a hint of that ancient mystery to the viewer.

Growing up in a small rural town with the Mississippi River at the front door and the swamps of Lac Des Allemands out back, photography has been part of a natural progression from fishing, hunting and exploring as a youngster. All of my work since 2004 is by digital capture. I feel that modern tools give an incredible amount of freedom at every stage of the photographic process to shape an image to a form that more closely represents the spirit that inhabits the land and waters of our home.

Even though I enjoy traveling to take in the beauty of other parts of our world, I feel that meaningful images are created in a place intimately known. For me, that place is South Louisiana. It is my hope that once people become aware of the intrinsic value of our dwindling wild spaces they will become more inclined to help preserve them for future generations.